Rural Build innovation for New Zealand’s Primary Industry

It may not be a national moniker loved by all Kiwis but The Shaky Isles has been around for many a long year.

An alternative nickname could have something more to do with ‘stable land’ as primary industries, be they agricultural or horticultural, have long been a staple for New Zealanders. Farms and farmers flourish from north to south. Two-thirds of the produce exported from New Zealand involves rural producers. The soil, the climate and the knowledge and determination of the locals come together to produce crops, livestock and more, much of which is highly regarded at home and even more so overseas.

But primary industries need several things not least of which is a stable and specific building. So many rural buildings today are for specific and detailed purposes. Cleaning, sorting, and grading of goods grown nearby need space and equipment to get the produce from farm to plate, here or abroad, in as short a time as possible. Get the right partner and you are guaranteed the beautifully built building you want and need.

In this case, traditional materials like wood, stone and brick have been around forever and are still used today. But steel has made huge inroads into the building and construction industries with the consequence that custom-built and pre-engineered buildings are shooting up across the country. And this growth in the use of steel is set to continue. Why? There are several reasons, and if you're looking to build, taking a cold hard look at steel would be a very wise move.

Steel away home

The rise and rise of steel in rural buildings has given everyone a serious boost in recent times. Manufacturers have improved the quality of steel, the processes giving you better quality high tensile steel, and now there are skills to match. These skills enable Macbuilt to create so many building without equal. The flexibility of steel excites designers and builders find their task easier and quicker. At the end of the chain is the farmer who gets a better building in a shorter time for a cheaper price. Talk about win, win, win.

Customise is the new buzz word when it comes rural buildings. Whereas once farm sheds came in a few sizes and you the client choose the medium, the large or the deluxe. Of course, size matters but the options you are offered today are many and varied. In fact, you can write your own ticket. What do you do on your property? What would like to do better in processing? List your needs and requirements and the steel construction is created just for you.

The combination of strong yet flexible steel together with the IT skills with 3D modelling, allows rural producers to consider both the size and the fittings of their soon-to-be-built shed. With our 3D experience too, the building world is at your fingertips.

There will always be better ways to do things. Design and layout can always be improved. With new technology comes the choice and the ideas to make the primary producer better and happier. Oh and more successful. Gone are the days when a farm shed was just that. Now ideas and innovations are introduced to the exterior and interior of rural buildings. It’s an exciting time to have designers and builders wanting to understand the exact needs of primary producers and work with them to create a perfect (well almost) work space.

One-stop shop

As a rural producer looking to improve some or all aspects of your production, finding an expert who has been in the industry for almost 50 years, is a genuine expert in their own field, and who knows the best operators in every aspect of the rural building game, you can strike gold with that standout expert.

Macbuilt build the best quality steel buildings in the land. They know designers, manufacturers, engineers and bring everyone together to advise and create a new rural building at your place. Macbuilt is a family-owned business, and has supplied farm buildings all over Auckland and wider regions, with the finest steel and custom made steel structures. It knows a heck of a lot about innovations and is aware of new ideas and products. Working with designers and all types of industry specialists throughout the land, puts them in the perfect position to take your hand and lead you through the process to a triumphant conclusion. Macbuilt indeed has the right form to get shedded up and working hard for you.