• Project Name: RSS Plastics
  • Location: Warkworth
  • Project Value: $1.2 million

Build a Commercial Premises that Maximises Useable Space and Allows for Future Growth

Our clients are an innovative plastics company looking to produce plastic bags from recycled raw materials for the local market. As always with forward thinkers, every millimeter of space had been allocated along with some that is not available!

Our task was to design a building around the machinery and factor in business growth.

Space is at a Premium with the Planned Building Exceeding Regulations

The challenge initially was the site as it is steep along one side. The building platform excavation cut meant we had to retain the newly cut away bank and with space at a premium, fit the already larger building on a piece of land that was too small under the regulations.

We needed firstly to, in a cost effect way, retain the side of the hill that was to be cut away to produce a building platform. Our options included a timber retaining wall at 4.5 meters high, battering back the bank and building 4-5meters off the boundary or combining the retaining wall and the building as one.

We went with the last option and designed a pre-cast concrete panel that acts as the retaining wall and a fire rated wall that separates and protects the adjoining neighbour, solving two issues and using all the available land at once.

In order to house the machinery, store raw materials and finished goods we needed to build a 30 meter span building 60 meters long and 7.5 metres high at the eave. The roof pitch was designed specifically for the plastic manufacturing at 24 degrees.

The most cost effective option for this project was light weight cold rolled steel sections providing the 30 meters clear span and ample height to accommodate the intense manufacturing environment this energetic company was seeking.

THE RESULT – A Difficult Project Delivered On Time and On Budget
The result is a smart looking industrial steel building that is designed to our clients brief. We achieved both cost effective and advantageous solutions around all the difficult elements we encountered and delivered the building on time and on budget.