• Project Name: Outdoor Pursuits
  • Location: Karaka Bay, Great Barrier Island
  • Project Value: $250,000

Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre

Construction of new storage and training facility at the Outdoor Pursuits Center situated in Karaka Bay on the northern tip of Great Barrier Island.

This multi-purpose steel building was built in two stages as required by the public money that funded the project. The outside shell was constructed first. 15 metres long by 12 metres wide and six metres high at the eve (7.5 metres at the apex), the building was designed with a view to having a 15 metre by 8 metre upper mezzanine floor constructed at a later stage.

The mezzanine floor itself has 2.5 metres of headspace to allow for ease of movement while still leaving ample space on the lower level for the storage of the water sports equipment.

The building’s primary function is for the storage of water sports equipment and training the students. 12 months after the shell was erected, the mezzanine floor was constructed with classrooms and offices being added to this upper floor. Because it is a public building, it had to be fire rated. The mezzanine floor covers one half of one side of the building so is unique in how this upper floor is bolted to the steel members and held in place using structural steel.

Great Barrier Island is a ‘unique’ place to construct a building and required detailed planning and coordination to get the building completed. Contractors and materials are not a short drive away, and everything had to be booked in advance, including ferry transportation that had only two scheduled trips per week. Despite these logistical challenges the building was completed on time and on budget.

The actual site area where the building was constructed was not ideal. The surrounding bank had to be dug out and shored up and then reinforced to eight metres high. These earthworks were not conducted by Macbuilt but show the challenge the site presented.

The upstairs floor is used for training students on water safety prior to them going into the water, staff meetings and for general office use. The floor can accommodate 25 students quite comfortably on a rainy day. Once the training is done, the students can walk downstairs and roll out their water sports equipment through one of the three roller doors and get started with their day. The building was designed with this use in mind and built specifically to OPC’s brief of housing all their equipment and classroom areas under one space.