• Project Name: Jucy Rentals
  • Location: Helensville
  • Project Value: $3.4 million

Green field project. Our clients required a purpose built fiberglass production facility producing fibre glass component and fiberglass boats.

A detailed design process was undertaken in order to correctly identify and address the needs and wants of the business

560m2 of office space.
Separate room spaces for the manufacturing division all fire rated to 2 hours.
Air conditioning systems
Full drainage
Full electrical including transformer

The brief called for a 1000m2 suspended concrete mezzanine floor above the manufacturing area.

The span of the building lends itself to using light weight cold formed steel sections as the best and most cost effective building solution however; the 80 tonnes of concrete mezzanine floor posed a challenge as it needed to be supported by a structural steel frame. In most cases such as this the entire building would be constructed in structural steel. Our clients asked us to explore all options as any cost savings that could be achieved in the construction costs without compromising the building would be advantageous to the business. It was decided that a combination of both structural steel sections, to support the mezzanine floor and light weight cold formed portal frames for the balance of the building would be the most cost effective solution.

25 meter span 120 meters long 7.5 meters high at the eave.
3000 m2 ground floor space with the additional 1000 m2 suspended concrete mezzanine floor combined to give 4000 m2 of streamlined manufacturing, assembly and administration space.

Fully project managed and constructed by Macbuilt.

Flat concrete floor for the precise manufacture of high spec boats. Our specialist concrete placers achieved this spec and provided US technology for measuring the floor flatness, similar to large stadium floors.

Office space that was high spec and not subject to noise transference from the factory. We achieved this by suspending a concrete mezzanine floor. This floor provided our fire rating and noise transference all in one.

Speed of construction: We were asked to meet tight deadlines; we met our targets through experienced project management and attention to detail.