• Project Name: Aircraft Hanger
  • Location: Kaukapakapa
  • Project Value: Undisclosed

In 2008, Andrew Hellyer ran a business that flew aircraft up to the Bay of Islands. Utilising an existing airstrip Andrew’s parents had on their family farm, Andrew needed a large aircraft hangar to store the plane securely.

DOING THE RESEARCH – First things first
Before deciding on who should build the hangar, Andrew looked at several companies over 8 months, getting quotes from six different construction companies.
Andrew’s experience, after going through the quoting process was that there was quite a range of steel construction companies out there. There are the cheaper companies whose level of construction reflected their pricing and the higher end companies who provide a good quality product but also charge accordingly.
Andrew ideally wanted a happy medium between these two extremes. A high-quality design and build with affordable pricing.

“Greg was really good – The main reason I chose Macbuilt was because Greg came up and saw me personally whereas a lot of the other companies just posted me a quote.”
Greg listened to what I wanted, which was ideally a one-stop-shop where I could get a quote, get it built, and they could put it through council.
Some of the other companies would only sell me the materials, leaving me to find another company to build it and put the concrete slab down. Needless to say, I didn’t want to go down that road.”

Greg gave Andrew a really sharp price, which made the decision easier for Andrew as he was already leaning toward the one-stop-shop option that Macbuilt provided.
Once the construction started, the building was up in just three weeks. Andrew didn’t have to be on-site during the construction, but we kept him fully informed with regular updates on where the project was at.

Due to the location of the steel building, Andrew needed a higher gauge steel to withstand the hardy Kaukapakapa weather conditions. Before building his steel shed with Macbuilt, Andrew’s Aunty and Uncle had built a similar shed with another steel construction company which was quite a bit cheaper.

Andrew says:
“In this case, the steel was really thin gauge and the piles for the fittings for the portals were just dyna-bolted to the concrete slab rather than being in the ground. It was really flimsy and I wouldn’t have been happy with it if it were my shed.”
“After seeing that steel shed, I wanted to spend a bit more money and get the next grade up. This Macbuit shed would never blowdown in 100 years.”

Andrew wanted a top quality finish on his concrete slab so it would be suitable for painting. The contractors at Specialist Concrete Floors delivered a high-quality finish that was ready to be painted without any additional preparation.

Despite giving Andrew a sharp price on the steel shed, there was some additional extras to the project that weren’t initially budgeted for. But Macbuilt stood by their fixed price quote, adding in the extra doors and corrugated iron cladding at no extra cost.

Andrew’s Thoughts – 2.5 Years On…
“It was completely stress-free for me. I went away during various stages of the construction and came back really happy with the job.”
“I’d happily recommend Macbuilt to anyone out there looking for a steel shed – you can’t go wrong with these guys.”