• Project Name: Agrissentials
  • Location: Te Kauwhata
  • Project Value:

The Brief:
To provide a building capable of handling fully loaded trucks and trailers maneuvering and tipping product within and under a clear space. Once unloaded the product needs to be blended and undertakes a manufacturing process where diggers and loaders are used to shift raw product, once product has undergone its manufacturing process it is dispatched using the same loaders into trucks and trailer under the same clear space.

The Solution: Clear Span Design for Maximum Space
The site is large so we were able to provide a 50 meter clear span option by 60 meters long giving our clients a 3000m2 clear space in which to operate their innovative and exciting business. The clear span option was preferable against smaller spans as it allowed the maximum allowable unencumbered space possible on this site.

50 Meter Span Made Possible Through Innovative Engineering
The 50 meter spans were made possible using structural steel welded sections at 10 meter bay spacing’s. The bay spacing’s provided for storage bins being used to house raw and finished products without cross contamination, and it maximised the space utilisation. The eave height is 7.5meters with an apex height of an intimidating 11.9 meters.

Designed with the Clients Intended Use in Mind
This huge open space under one roof meets all the needs of our clients Agrissentials – “Best on earth fertilizers” in that the raw material truck and trailers can enter the building, fully tip their loads onto the concrete floor without any fear of obstacles interfering.

The loaders and diggers can also freely operate within this space. When it comes to dispatching finished goods, the trucks and trailers are able to remain in one space whilst being loaded from both sides at once. This and other space utilization elements are crucial to our clients needs to protect the integrity of product, from manufacture through to the farmer’s paddocks.