Build a spacious, damage-resistant auto workshop with MacBuilt

If you want to see so-called progress today, just check out the automobile industry.

On the one hand cars are much safer, quicker and affordable than decades ago. Why there are even cars that run on batteries and owners will often have a charger in their garage at home. No more visits to top up that tank with petrol or diesel. But I say ‘so-called progress’ because the number of cars out on our roads today means two things - more roads and more tailbacks.

Our countryside is now criss-crossed with freeways and highways and our cities now have rush hour all day long. A century ago the average vehicular speed in London was about 8 mph. Have a guess what that figure is today? Yep, 8 mph.

But with the massive strides in technology in designing, building and servicing cars today, the days of changing the oil and checking the brakes as a service are long gone. Beneath the bonnet of your average new car today is a mini store of electronics. Motor mechanics now test using the latest technically-advanced gear. Now that is what you can call progress.

The service bays of car dealerships are packed with gear that could look at home in a hospital. Car servicing has gone up a gear or more like several gears. So, if you’re looking for a business to start, car servicing has a rosy future and then some. Or perhaps you’re already in the trade but would like to expand or even start up on your own.

What’s the one thing you need?

It’s a venue, a business locale, a workshop. The success of any auto workshop depends on a number of things not least of which is the building in which you operate. It needs to look good, allow for the efficient handling of different vehicles, and not cost a bomb to construct and maintain. Steel’s the key.

Timber and concrete have been around for donkey’s years but steel is the new kid on the block and taking construction to places it’s not been before and in a hurry. Prefabricated steel has enormous advantages. It lasts the best part of a century before anything major needs doing. It requires far less maintenance than traditional building materials and it can handle just about weather calamity Mother Nature throws at it.

Two simple steps to take

1. Obtain your plot
2. Contact MacBuilt

How hard is that? Macbuilt have been working with steel building components for a long time. They know the business backwards. They become a one-stop shop for any auto mechanic or electrician wanting to set up their own business.

As the owner, you want the right design for your building, the right layout and specifications. You want the building of your workshop done expertly and as quickly as possible. And, of course, you want to pay the best possible price. Well, what could be clearer or simpler? Contact Macbuilt.

Macbuilt build the best quality steel buildings in the land. They know designers, manufacturers, engineers and bring everyone together to advise and create a new rural building at your place. Macbuilt is a family-owned business, and has supplied farm buildings all over Auckland and wider regions, with the finest steel and custom made steel structures. It knows a heck of a lot about innovations and is aware of new ideas and products. Working with designers and all types of industry specialists throughout the land, puts them in the perfect position to take your hand and lead you through the process to a triumphant conclusion. Macbuilt indeed has the right form to get shedded up and working hard for you.

Custom designed and built

It’s important that you remember your position. You’re the mechanic in the driving seat. It’s your auto workshop. What do you want to do in your business? Setting out your ideas in as much detail as possible is the best way for you to get the ideal building. There is no cookie cutter approach here.

The design is unique. It meets all your requirements. It takes into account your plot size and location - main road, side street, whatever.

If you’ve been in the auto workshop game for any length of time, you will have heard complaints from staff (even yourself to the boss) that there is not enough room. Working on any vehicle, even small ones, requires space around and beneath the vehicle. When using steel to construct your new workshop, height with this fabulous material is not a problem.

With the switch to electric cars, demands on any auto workshop will increase. You need the room to handle more cars in a more efficient way. Your business success depends on the efficiency of your mechanics who really appreciate a work space that treats them with respect.

Think steel and think Macbuilt.