7 Great Reasons why Steel is the  Modern Choice

The only thing which remains consistent is change. Everything else develops, grows and is discovered. Take technology as an example.

Manual typewriters existed for decades then became electric and became obsolete. But with the information highway came computers and desktop publishing and more obsolete equipment. There are many other examples which have undergone change with building materials being a perfect example.

In this case, traditional materials like wood, stone and brick have been around forever and are still used today. But steel has made huge inroads into the building and construction industries with the consequence that custom-built and pre-engineered buildings are shooting up across the country. And this growth in the use of steel is set to continue. Why? There are several reasons, and if you're looking to build, taking a cold hard look at steel would be a very wise move.

What are the benefits of steel when building?

What gives steel the advantage over other much older building materials? And if you invest in steel today, will you regret that decision later down the track? Well not if trends continue the way they have in recent decades.

Let’s briefly mention timber and masonry, two traditional and longstanding materials used in the construction industry today. Here’s how steel stacks up those competitors.

1. The cost
2. It's durability
3. It's flexibility
4. It's versatility
5. The ease of maintenance
6. Time-saving
7. It's sustainability

1. The cost is a vital part of any building project.

Builders strive to produce the best quality workmanship using the best materials but want to avoid cost blowouts. One solid way to reduce costs is to use steel. It is a cheaper product to produce than traditional materials and steel frames cost less than traditional wooden frames. These costings are from government sources such as the Department of Labour. Steel equals saving in your building costs.

2. Durability is obviously important.

You want your structure to be strong and long-lasting. Buildings are out in the open. They can be attacked by the elements, sometimes severely, and of course, they can be attacked from within should a fire break out. Steel is the best product to survive in times of crisis, whether it's a hurricane or a fire. Steel has strong fire retardant qualities. Why do you think steel attracts the longest guarantees? That's simple; because it is durable.

3. You want the designer of your building to have free rein.

Steel gives designers the flexibility to create practical but beautiful and interesting spaces. There is strength in steel not found in other materials. Steel can be used in longer and more flexible pieces. It can be used for column-free spaces. And if later you wish to expand or extend, steel is perfect for allowing such changes to be made. It's adaptable which adds a lot of appeal to architects & designers.

4. Steel is versatile.

It can be produced using different methods. It can be produced in different widths and lengths and strengths depending on where in the building, it will sit. The development of new ways to manufacture steel is ever-increasing and going with steel gives you the edge. Your building will be at the forefront of new technology. The scope for more inventions and uses with steel is exciting. When you're on a good thing - stick to it!

5. Maintenance is essential for all buildings, and if you can reduce the amount of maintenance you need and the time and expense spent on that maintenance, you're in a win-win situation.

It's all achievable with steel. A steel-framed building and one with walls and roof using steel mean it is easier and cheaper to maintain your premises. A building using wood, brick and stone need more maintenance more often for that read more expense. Steel is easier to maintain, and less attention is required anyway.

6. Time equals money, and the sooner (and better) your building, be it commercial, industrial or agricultural is erected, the cheaper will be the cost.

And the sooner you will be able to start production. One serious advantage you gain by choosing high tensile steel is that so much of the design in pre-engineered. It is built off-site and when delivered, can be positioned quickly. The speed with which your building takes shape when using steel is a sight/site to behold.

7. We all know about the importance of the environment.

Having green credentials is a plus for you and your business. Using steel is a great choice because it is an eco-friendly product. Other traditional materials, such as wood and brick, deplete natural resources and struggle to be recycled. Steel is precisely the opposite. It is simple to make, can use other related products in its manufacture and can be re-used again and again. Going for steel means going green.

Whether you're investing in a shed, a world-class building or a multi-storey development, using steel gives you outstanding benefits.