Before You Build, Learn What Makes a Macbuilt Steel Building Superior To ‘Pre-Engineered’ Building’s

Choosing a company to build your steel building is a big decision. Its a new experience and you may be unsure who is the best option, what the finished building will look like and how easy it will be to deal with your chosen company.

We want to make that decision a little easier by explaining what makes Macbuilt unique and showcase our finished client projects with their unfiltered feedback.

Learn how we designed and built these Macbuilt projects:

Residential / Lifetyle Block Steel Shed OPC Steel Building
 Residential Sheds  Multi-Purpose, Office, Storage Sheds
 Aircraft & Storage Shed
Farm & Storage Sheds  Aircraft Hangars

Advantages of a Macbuilt Steel Shed or Building

We design, engineer and build to your requirements. Your building is designed to suit your needs, both now and in the future. This means you can position your roller door, add in extra windows and position them where you want them, rather than where a pre-engineered design would dictate.

If you want to make these changes to a pre-engineered building then you may have to get the building re-engineered to ensure it meets the safety and strength requirements required to get building consent.

We construct your building to your site, the weather conditions and to your intended needs. If you live in a snowy area or high wind zone then we engineer the design to withstand these conditions.

Priced competitively against the ‘pre-engineered’ or ‘off the shelf’ mass market steel buildings. Request a no obligation consultation and quote to learn how competitive we are.

Clear span design with no unsightly supporting braces that limit your use of the building.

Designed to last. Macbuilt offer a 10 year workmanship guarantee. If as a result of our workmanship something is not quite right, we will come back and fix the problem at no charge.

Fixed price guarantee. We often hear from prospective clients who chose a less expensive option, but learned later on that small changes to suit their intended use often incurred ‘extras’ that resulted in the final price being above our quote. To give you certainty we guarantee that there will be no additional ‘extra’s’ when you choose a Macbuilt shed and the quoted price is the only.

Can be fully insulated and used as living accommodation.

Quick to build. For example, a 15×10 metre building can be fully completed in just four weeks including site-works and hooking up to essential services. Once the concrete slab is down then the building can be fully erected in two weeks.

Designed to allow for a mezzanine floor for additional storage or working areas.

Easy to compartmentalise the building with internal walls to allow for professional offices or living areas which are then separated from storage or workshop areas.

Looks immaculate and is designed to stay that way with little maintenance.

Responsive communication. With Macbuilt you with me, Greg Macdonald, the owner. If you have any problems or concerns, I handle them personally. I take immense pride in the finished building and your satisfaction with the end result.

We handle the entire building process for you, right from initial consultation through to building consent from the council.

In summary, you do get what you pay for. A Macbuilt steel building may not be the cheapest option right now, but has the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of using your steel building.

Residential / Lifestyle Block Shed / Light Industrial Shed

Residential / Lifetyle Block Steel Shed

12 wide x 28 long metre building that is 4.8 metres high at the eve. This height allows for a mezzanine floor in the office area if the client wants to install one in the future. The concrete slab is 150mm thick  to allow for a truck to be parked on it without fear of the concrete cracking.

A versatile building with four separate bays, each with their own roller door. The end bay houses a office and machining workshop that is separate from the open vehicle storage area. The design and color scheme was chosen to allow the building to blend into the surrounding landscape and not attract unwanted attention.

See the full project description and the eight photographs of the finished building.

Outdoor Pursuits Centre’s Multi-Purpose Building

OPC Steel BuildingLocated on Great Barrier Island, this muti purpose steel building was built in two stages as required by the public money that funded the project. The outside shell was constructed first. 15 metres long by 12 metres wide and six metres high at the eve (7.5 metres at the apex), with a view to having a 15 metre by 8 metre upper mezzanine floor being constructed at a later stage.

The mezzanine floor itself has 2.5 metres of head space to allow for ease of movement while still leaving ample space on the lower floor for the storage of the water sports equipment.

See the full project description and 15 photographs of the finished building

Farm and Storage Sheds

Aircraft & Storage Shed

A custom designed farm shed built for private client Andrew Hellyer of Kaukapakapa, Auckland to house his aircraft and various farm vehicles.

Built on Hellyer farm north of Auckland in a high wind areas, the shed was built to withstand tough weather conditions.  Macbuilt project managed the building from start to finish to ensure the project came in on time and on budget despite some cost overruns.

See the full project case study, photograph’s of the finished building and video feedback from client Andrew Hellyer.

Aircraft Hangars

Built on a swampy site with a limestone base north of Auckland at Dairy Flat, the custom design and built 25 meter span Flight Hauraki hangar was completed on time and on budget.

The double bay aircraft hanger was designed to allow for easy indoor/outdoor access and for maximum maneuverability of the aircraft.

See the full project case study, the 3D preliminary designs, photographs of the finished building and video feedback from client Paul McSherry