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Steel Stud Framing – Fire and Acoustic rated

Steel Frame Shed

Internal steel framing for a house

Steel Framing is a steel stud framing solution that is easy to use, predictable and reliable. Each Steel Frame is manufactured as a unique piece, made up of components such as studs, nogs joists or trusses specifically designed to fit together with precision.

This type of unique manufacture provides for unprecedented efficiencies with low product waste as a result of the specified lengths cut to measure. With this easy to assemble product the total quality is improved, and cost savings are reflected back to you the customer.

Overall, it provides a solution to a greater number of applications for load bearing and non-load bearing interior and exterior walls.

Manufacture and Assembly

Computer Software and Sophisticated Roll Forming Equipment

Steel Frame Shell

Steel frame of a light industrial shed.

Flexible software is the key to the success of Steel Framing. It enables steel framing to be used in any application in residential, commercial and partitioning construction.

Steel Framing is a manufactured product produced on automated roll forming and punching equipment. We can engineer any combination of holes, notches and folds that are specified to your requirements. The product’s quality is consistent and has no grading problems as we utilise large coils of raw steel to manufacture the product to your requirements.

Why Steel Framing?

We can offer you:

  • Inter-tenancy walls for load bearing up to 0.95mm thick
  • Straight and flat walls
  • Engineered calculations, accurate and controlled
  • Light weight, savings on significant time and cost
  • Pre-fabricated or kit set form with clear plans for assembly
  • CAD program, allowing us to make frames to your specifications
  • Service holes placed where you want them
  • Top plate with timber capability for use with timber floors and/or trusses.

Design Software

Steel Frame

Steel framing is Computer Controlled Manufacturing that requires input of desired panel parameters only. We run frames to order with little waste and no additional cutting.

The design software offers automatic schedules, cut to length, notched, swaged and pre-punched rivet holes for assembly.

Load Bearing Walls

Roof Framing

Steel framing of internal walls.

Steel Framing provides for a full load bearing faming system, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial wall framing. The walls can be factory or site assembled. Walls are designed with lintels over openings, multiple studs around openings and multiple rivet joints where necessary. Walls can be braced for wind and cladding modules or for specific structural design. Studs, plates and nogs are punched with 28mm holes for easy assembly of services.

Roof Framing

Roof framing can be trusses, panels or rafters using the Steel Framing system. Trusses and panels are manufactured using the same equipment and techniques as for wall framing and can be either factory or site assembled.

Special Design

Interior Steel Frame

Steel Framing can be used for any 2 dimensional panel regardless of application (walls, floor or roof). Complex shapes, back to back studs, placement of additional one-off studs for point loads, and variable stud and nog spacing are all design elements that Steel Framing can offer.

Trussed floor joists are one example of the versatility and design flexibility offered by Steel Framing.


Section Properties

Thickness t(BMT) Weight Area Gross Yield Stress Moment of Area(gross) Moment of Area (for deflection calculation)
mm Kg/m Mm2 MPa 1xx 103mm4 1yy 103mm4 1xx 103mm4
0.55 .84 100 550 128.3 19.4 99.9
0.75 1.12 137 550 173.0 25.9 141.2
0.95 1.41 173 550 216.7 32.2 184.0


Non-Load Bearing Walls

Maximum Stud Height

Serviceability Wind Pressure (kPa) 0.25 0.35 0.50 0.75
Stud Spacing (mm) 400 600 400 600 400 600 400 600
Steel thickness t (mm) Walls lined both sides with 12.5mm Gib Plasterboard
0.55 5400 4950 4750 4450 4200 3900 3650 3400
0.75 6000 5500 5300 4850 4650 4250 4000 3600
0.95 6200 5650 5500 4950 4800 4300 4150 3700
Steel thickness t (mm) Walls lined both sides with 9.5mm Gib Plasterboard
0.55 5000 4600 4450 4050 3950 3550 3400
0.75 5450 4800 4800 4250 4200 3650
0.95 5700 5000
Steel thickness t (mm) Walls with nogs at 1200 ctrs max without linings each side
0.55 3950 3400 3550 3100 3150 2800 2750
0.75 4450 2850 4000 350 3560 3200 3100 2850
0.95 4900 4250 4350 3800 3850 3350 3350 2950


The wind pressures given are based on serviceability wind load (generally deflections govern).

Typically serviceability wind pressures for internal stud walls in the following wind speed areas area: (all based on Cpi=0.6)


0.24 kPa


0.32 kPa


0.47 kPa

Very High


Spans given are limited to deflections of span/240.

Walls lined one side should be fitted with nogs and spans determined by using the table for walls without plasterboard.

All linings must be fixed in accordance with recommendations of the wall board supplier.

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