The Engineering Behind Macbuilt’s Steel Building’s

Structural Engineer Maurice Harris B.Eng(Hons), MIPENZ from Harris Foster Consulting talks about the structural engineering behind the unique Macbuilt designs.


The Basics of the Macbuilt Design
Maurice Harris talks about the basic features of the Macbuilt design.

  • How the design is tailored to accommodate your intended use and the relevnt building codes
  • The most economical designs for different sized buildings
  • When to use a stronger structural steel design


Rationale Behind the Macbuilt Design
Maurice Harris delves into some of the unique factors behind the Macbuilt design

  • Why structural steel is recommended for buildings with over 20 metre spans
  • How a 65 metre span can be achieved in a Macbuilt designed building with structural steel
  • Why ‘Buildability’ is an important factor to consider when choosing a design


How to Future Proof Your Building

  • Economic considerations to think about when designing your building
  • How to design your building for both current and potential future use
  • Why cost is not always the most important factor to consider
  • Why ‘intended use’ is the most important factor
  • How the Macbuilt ‘Preliminary Design’ addresses all these factors


Strength in a Lightweight Steel Building

  • How the strength of the building is determined by the Building Code
  • Why there is no ‘strength’ issue with a lightweight steel building
  • Why a structural steel design is recommended for heavy industrial use
  • Lightweight steel versus Structural Steel


Pro’s and Con’s of Specific Designs

  • How the cladding system and purlin length determine the bay sizes
  • How this design structure leads to the most economic building you can produce
  • How Macbuilt incorporates concrete tilt panels and concrete walls into the building design for fire safety and use on boundaries


The Cladding System and how it affects the Design

  • Why the building is designed around the cladding system
  • How a fixed base system leads to a stiffer and stronger building


Pin Base versus a Fixed Base System

  • The disadvantages of a Pin Base system
  • Why a fixed base system is superior for a lightweight steel building
  • How a Macbuilt fixed base system leads to a stronger building that costs less to build
Lightweight vs Structural Steel Buildings

  • How a fixed base system leads to improved flexibility and maximum use of your building
  • Strength considerations for designs with a greater than 20 metre span
  • Just how high and wide you can take a lightweight steel building
  • When you need to go to a structural steel building