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✓ Answers to your most pressing questions in plain English.
✓ The ballpark cost to construct your building.
✓ Complications and hidden costs that could derail your building project.
✓ Approximate time frame to build your building and get building consent.
✓ Valuable advice from my experience building everything from 6 x 9 metre sheds to multimillion dollar industrial buildings.

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Greg Macdonald
Macbuilt Construction

Client Andrew Hellyer talks about his On-Site Building Consultation with Macbuilt

Farm-Shed-ClientMacbuilt Client Andrew Hellyer of Kaukapakapa, Auckland

“The main reason I decided to go with Macbuilt was that Greg was really good. He drove up to the site and met me whereas a lot of the other companies just sent me a quote without listening to what I wanted. I really wanted a one-stop shop where I could get a quote, then have someone who would put it through council and they’d come and do the whole thing, the slab, they’d erect it and everything to my specifications of what I wanted.”

“A couple of the companies would only sell me the materials, and I’d have to go find someone else to build it, then go and get someone to put the concrete slab down.”

“Greg was really good, he listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me a really sharp price. Greg then helped me through the building consent process. Once the construction started, it all happened really quickly and efficiently and the process was really good. It was completely stress for me – I was away working at the time and came back at different times during the construction and I was really happy with the job”

Check out Andrew’s full video testimonial here…