The Commercial and Industrial Building Specialists

Macbuilt Construction specialises in the industrial and commercial building sector, and in particular large, clear-span buildings – anything from 9 to 95m clear span.

Our specialist commercial building team concentrates in specific areas of construction, whether it be concrete tilt panel, multi-level office complexes or a big shed; whatever it is, one of our team will be able to assist you.

Agrissentials Commercial Building

Custom designed and built for Agrissentials, this building has a 35m wide-span.

Vary from light weight cold formed steel to hot rolled welded beam sections. The essential difference is the weight of the steel and the strength relating to the capability of the product.

Light Weight Steel Industrial Building

Light industrial buildings are made out of light gauge steel that is formed into shape by passing through a roll forming machine. This style of building is popular as it is quick and easy to build and is cost effective against timber buildings. The light gauge design capability is up to 35 meters clear span. Buildings outside these dimensions are generally built in structural steel and/or concrete.

These buildings will either require designed welded beam sections made specifically for your project or manufactured out of standard sections. Applications such as overhead gantry cranes, canter lever mezzanine floors etc, can all be incorporated into your design.

Concrete Tilt Panels

Concrete Tilt Panels

Concrete tilt panels serve a dual purpose. They protect neighboring properties from the risk of fire, while also retaining the adjacent bank.

Tilt Panel construction has many advantages. It is a quick way of creating large spaces, is cost effective, allows maximum land use, has great fire rating qualities and can be used as the finished product. We offer design and erection packages on all Tilt Panel jobs. Construction of the concrete panels can be onsite or offsite depending on the nature of the project.

Our specialist concrete team provides excellence and expertise in all concrete applications, from tilt panel construction single and multi level, to suspended concrete mezzanine floors in large commercial applications and general concrete and form work construction.

Speciality Structures
Construction materials and the ability of specialty products to seamlessly fit into buildings are better now that ever before. The range and choice is huge and can be overwhelming. We can assist you with technical advice on matters such as:

  • Temperature controlled buildings
  • Fire rated walls
  • Gantry cranes
  • Inter-tenancy walls

… and we can manage the installation for you.

We build covered yards, farm sheds, feed pads, packing sheds and enclosed milking platforms. For your farm equipment and machinery, we can build you a custom steel shed to suit your land and what you’ll need the shed for. Built tough an sturdy, these custom steel sheds are a step above the pre-engineered option.

Do you want to house the aircraft you have now invested in? Macbuilt can build either stand alone or multiple aircraft hangers, with accommodation or without.

The MDR Aviation hangar was built on difficult, swampy land North of Auckland in Dairy Flat. Despite the challenging site, the project was completed on-time and on-budget

Have You Got an Unusual Project or Land or Both?
Have you got an unusual project or piece of land and you are unsure what will work? Don’t know where to start? If you are unsure of what is achievable ask us and we will discuss the concept with you. From there we can get some preliminary designs engineered and drawn to get an idea of what is achievable.

Get Expert Advice on Your Project Today
Whether it is steel, concrete tilt panel, timber or a combination of each material our experienced team can manage all aspects of the commercial building project for you.

For more information, contact me, Greg Macdonald 0800 MACBUILT (0800 622 284) for a no-obligation phone consultation today.