The Macbuilt Building Process

1.  Preliminary Design:

Here’s where we ask you what you need and want from your building project and produce for you a preliminary design based around those specifications.   From these designs we can produce a quotation for the project.

Steel Construction Process

2. Design

Once we have agreed on the specifics of the design and the price of the project we can precede to detailed drawings of the building.

Steel Construction Process

3.  Building Consent Stage:

Macbuilt can prepare the consent for you and lodge it with council on your behalf; alternatively we can provide you with the information to lodge the consent.  The consenting process can be confusing and daunting, we are happy to take care of this for you if you wish.

Steel Construction Process

4. Building:

Once the building consent is granted we can go ahead and get started.  Whether we are completing the earth works or erecting the building Macbuilt only uses our own builders and sub contractors, all are highly skilled and have been with us for a long time.  The Macbuilt team takes away all the hassles of building by having the right people to complete your project for you.

Steel Construction Process

5.  Project Management:

Macbuilt is well known for bringing buildings in on time and on budget.  Efficient project management is essential to keep on task and on budget.

Commercial Projects: A separate project engineer is usually appointed to the project for this role.  Microsoft Project is used to systematize the project with time lines and linked tasks visible to all.  Macbuilt supplies all insurance certificates to the client on request.

Steel Construction Process

6.  Quality Control:

Macbuilt utilizes industry recognized quality control systems where each and every step is signed off by a supervisor; each delivery is recorded and checked for accuracy.  Fundamental quality controls are covered in our specifications and staged sign off by our design engineer.

Steel Construction Process

7.  Your Project on Time and on Budget:

We pride ourselves on being accurate with our project timeline projections and budget allowances.  The attention to detail ensures you get the building you require on time and on budget, delivering beyond your expectations is our goal.